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 Pre-Match Warm Up

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David Danger

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PostSubject: Pre-Match Warm Up   Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:15 am

The camera is faded into the back locker room Interview area.

An interview is shown standing in front of the camera with a microphone.

Interview: 'Ladies & Gentlemen, at this time, please welcome... Da-

David Danger grabs the microphone from the interviewer.

A chorus of boo's twirl toward the titantron.

Danger Danger: I'M DAVID DANGER, and I don't need promos or introductions to prove to you hypocrites that I'm great.
I just need opportunity. Because tonight, it's gonna be a tag team match. Me, David Danger & some jobber vs another jobber & another jobber's partner. So make sure to bring a stretcher, because after the match.. Jobber Uno and Jobber Dos won't be able to walk after tonight.

David Danger: (high pitched voice) Mic drop!.

David Danger drops the microphone on the floor making a BZZZWWH sound.

David Danger walks away and the camera fades out.

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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: Pre-Match Warm Up   Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:15 am

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Pre-Match Warm Up
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