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 Punk, pre-match

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CM Punk

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PostSubject: Punk, pre-match   Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:26 am

Natalya Jones: "Fans of DBWF, my guest at this time is the DBWF World Champion, CM Punk."

*The crowd cheers as Punk steps into view of the camera with the DBWF World Championship in his Left Hand, hanging towards the ground*

Natalya: "Punk, you're facing someone by the name of Lover Boy tonight. He's just said some harsh comments about you in the ring. Do you feel as though you're under pressure tonight to-"

*Punk raises his hand against the microphone for a moment and pulls the moment closer to him*

Punk: "Sorry Nat, I just need to get something off my chest."

*Natalya nods and Punk slowly turns to camera as the crowd cheer as Punk builds up the tension*

Punk: "Lover Boy has a problem with me about something *holds up his fingers one by one* i've never done, something I will never do and decided to bring politics into something that he obviously knows nothing about."
"I don't thrust my arms out *imitates Lover Boy from the ramp and then gets back to his feet* like this, I have never said that I am *repeats Lover Boy* 'Voice of the Voiceless', also and finally, I have never insinuated that anyone is against me and that I am the president."

*Punk gets close to the camera, imitating Lover Boy again as the crowd cheers again*

Punk: "You're not the only one who can imitate someone... boy."

*The crowd cheers with someone close to a microphone near the ring yelling "Wrestling fears Punk!" which is audible over the air*

*Punk turns back to Natalya*

Punk: "This guy has obviously no idea what my gimmick is, he's obviously never seen me wrestle, he doesn't know what my finisher is and I don't think he likes the show, because if he did, he would know *Punk slowly holds up the World Championship to his left shoulder* that I am the DBWF World Champion."

*Punk looks at the championship*

Punk: "I earned this, just like everyone else will earn their shot at getting this belt."

*Crowd chants 'D-B-W-F' as Punk continues to look and then slowly lowers the championship and then turns back to Natalya*

Punk: "Lover Boy has something against someone named "CM Punk". But he he's got a case of mistaken identity. I am DBWF's Main Event. No matter what I will give these fans a show *The crowd cheers wildly* to give them something that they can tell their kids about, hell they'll tell their grandkids about the time they saw CM Punk live at a DBWF show... and he was the Best... In... The... World!"

*The crowd yell "Best In The World" along with Punk and then loudly fill the arena with applause*

Punk: "My match is next. *Punk looks down the camera* You're not getting Punk'd, Lover Boy... You're getting a lesson. I'm your professor for the day. And I've got a degree in kicking ass.

*Punk holds up the World Championship*

Punk: In case you're doubting that, here's my diploma.

*Punk walks out of shot and the camera zooms in slowly on Natalya as it fades back to the DBWF logo in the ring*
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Jack Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Punk, pre-match   Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:30 am

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Punk, pre-match
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