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 Let's get this started!

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Let's get this started! Empty
PostSubject: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 9:03 am

"You should've killed me when you had the chance" by A Day To Remember begins to play over head as the fans get on their feet, knowing it is getting closer to the main event for the DBWF world title. Drew Korth runs out as the fans give out a mixed reaction, he runs down to the ring and quickly grabs a mic sitting on the steel steps to his left before actually getting in the ring. Drew looks towards the crowd and notices a sign saying "It's just the beggining!" and points to it before raising the mic to his mouth.

Drew: Now that sign is correct! This is just the beggining of an era, the beggining of a legend, and the beggining in what will be my FIRST ever world title! I see how excited you fans are tonight, expecting great things from all of us is a must, this night is not over just yet either! You have seen great action tonight, but up next is the humongous main event that will set the tone of things to come. And now let's see about some of these guys I will be facing...

Drew: First up, the Bad Guy... wait who? I have never heard of this pest, hell I've beaten jobbers more known than this guy! Wait, he might just be a jobber, so uh lets move on.

Drew: Next we have Jojo Cuetips, once again someone who I have not ever heard of, and probably won't hear of again after I dominate and win what will soon be MY world title!

Drew: CM Punk? See we really our getting known bringing in the "Best in the World"... psyche!

Drew: Then there is Rod Lightning, someone who I have not seen in years, and haven't actually talked to for even longer than that. Tonight he is one man that I will show any, and I mean ANY ounce of respect for and if you know how I am, that really is saying something. Most people I despise, but there are 3 people here tonight I do not and he is one of them, which brings me to the 5th man in this match who I have had some history with.

Drew: Jack Johnson, is the man who brought me here personally, out of all people he contacted me while I was out of a job and told me of someone here that I have desired to see for a very, very, long time. I was able to find myself again and a desire to wrestle which I haven't felt for awhile, so I thank you Jack for being the 2nd of the 3 people in this building who I actually like.

Drew wipes his face with his left arm and stretches for a few seconds before continuing.

Drew: Enough talking, why don't we get this thing started?

Drew throws gives his mic to the ring announcer as he faces the entrance ramp and gets ready to start the match.
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The Bad Guy

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Let's get this started! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 12:37 am

Before anything else can begin I Stand Alone bursts out of the speakers and The Bad Guy gradually makes his way to the entrance ramp, he's clapping sarcastically.

The Bad Guy: "Bravo! Bravo! Encore!"

The Bad Guy laughs

The Bad Guy: "I have never seen someone believe something so, how do I put it? Oh yes, idiotic."

The Bad Guy is stationary, looking down towards the ring at Drew Korth.

The Bad Guy: "You have a chance, I'll give you that. There is a possibility of anything and everything happening in this world. A pig could be born with the ability to fly, the dead could rise, you could throw me over the top rope and win the DBWF championship. All possible, albeit quite unlikely."

The Bad Guy begins to walk down the ramp, heading towards the ring.

The Bad Guy: "I don't have a problem with you believing you could win. The problem I've got, is that you don't know who I am. I am The Bad Guy, I was apart of something great that was sadly brought down before its time. I was in the Firefly of federations, the Arrested Development of feds. Who knows, maybe some protesting will allow us to do one final show."

The Bad Guy slides into the ring, he stares at Drew Korth.

The Bad Guy: "I am one of the biggest up-and-coming wrestlers in this federation, wait, no, I am up and I have come and I am one of the greatest you will ever get the chance to beat. But you will fail."

The Bad Guy mimics holding the DBWF title with his free hand.

The Bad Guy: "I will hold the DBWF championship over my head as you lay on the outside of the ring in a pitiful heap, cause that's what you are, pitiful. And I can't wait to show you how pitiful and hopeless your dreams to become a champion are."

The Bad Guy smiles are Drew Korth.
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CM Punk

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PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 2:47 am

*Drew Korth is staring a hole through The Bad Guy before the lights dim slightly*

*This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage bellows out through the speakers and the crowd erupts into spontaneous cheering and applause*

*CM Punk steps out from behind the curtain and walks down the ramp with a massive smile on his face, almost laughing to himself. The crowd continue applauding as CM Punk makes his way down the ramp, still giggling, but some faces look slightly confused.*

*CM Punk approaches the ring and puts one hand on the bottom rope. He stops and looks up at the two men in the ring before releasing the rope, turning right, walking around the ring to the announcers desk and timekeeper where he asks for a microphone*

*A man sitting in a dark blue suit reaches out to Punk with a microphone which Punk quickly snatches from the grasp of the man and rolls under the bottom rope*

*He gets to his feet quickly and looks at The Bad Guy*

*He looks around to the crowd to his right, then to his left and behind him before turning back to The Bad Guy*

*He puts the microphone under his left arm and begins to clap towards The Bad Guy*

*Some members of the crowd boo and some cheer but the cheering intensifies exponentially as Punk slows down his clapping and gets a blank but serious expression on his face*

*Punk puts the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak but nothing is heard*

*Punk quickly takes the microphone away from his mouth and looks down at it with confusion before slumping his shoulders, putting his arms to his side and laughing quietly. Various members of the crowd have already begun laughing at this point.*

*He puts his left hand on the microphone and moves his thumb slightly. He lifts the microphone and taps the mic against his forehead with a "FUPP FUPP FUPP" sound*

*The crowd cheer loudly as Punk smiles at them and begins to talk again*

Punk: It would help if I had it switched to "on"... as opposed to "off".

*The audience laughs*

Punk: As I was saying, congratulations Bad Guy! *Punk gesters towards TBG with a straight and open hand* You have completely won over this crowd!

*Punk moves his arm around the crowd as they show their disapproval of Punk's statement*

Punk: No wait, I've said that wrong. I don't mean win over this crowd at all. In fact, not a single member of this crowd cared one iota *crowd begins to cheer so Punk speaks louder* about what you had to say or how you said it!

*Crowd continues to cheer loudly as Punk stares at TBG*

Punk: So far this show, you say that you are going to become the first DBWF World Champion. You have proven that you are a worthy contender for the championship by...

*Punk begins to count on his fingers*

Punk: Forgetting where this arena is located.

*a chorus of boos echos from the stands*

Punk: *looks out to the crowd* I'm not done yet.

*The crowd laughs and cheers for Punk as he turns his attention back to TBG and continues to count*

Punk: Having a fight with your ex girlfriend. *Crowd oooo's* Talking to yourself in a car. *Crowd laughs and cheers*

Punk: Walking into a locker room. Scribbling on a piece of paper and then throwing it in a bin.

*Punk swtiches the microphone from his right to his left hand and begins counting on the other hand as the crowd get louder with their applause*

Punk: Not doing any physical activity what-so-ever! And coming out in the beginning of the Main Event of the debut Supershow of DBWF and wanting to cut a promo on someone who wants to get this match started!

*crowd cheers wildly and beings chanting "CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!"*

*Punk turns to Korth*

Punk: Don't worry I still don't like you. *Crowd laughs* But I respect you for getting this crowd pumped up in order for this match to be top class!

*Punk turns back to TBG*

Punk: You have the nerve to hold up an invisible title? Before the match has even started?

*Punk makes an O shape with his entire arm, his hand almost touching his hip, like he's doing one half of the "i'm a little teapot" nursery rhyme*

Punk: I have an invisible pig...

*Punk slides his fingertips into his tights and comes out with his fingers pinched together*

Punk: I have invisible car keys to my invisible ferrari...

*Punk points to the microphone*

Punk: This microphone is actually an ice cream. *crowd cheers loudly* Unless you have that title in your hand... don't hold it up and pro-

*Punk pauses mid-sentence and reels up on his heels*

Punk: Oh... and guess what I heard everyone! I heard that he's calling up his friends and saying on twitter that you're ALREADY proclaiming yourself as the 1st DBWF Champion!

*Crowd boos intensely*

Punk: Listen to me and listen good. You THINK you are going to win this championship. But rest assured there are 5 other people in this match who KNOW that we can stop you. *Crowd cheers wildly*
You want to prove yourself in DBWF? Prove it in this match. If you don't win the world title, then I guess that's all you'll ever be. All talk and no action.

*crowd chants "CM Punk! CM Punk!"

Punk: Now if you excuse me, I have an entrance to give these people.

*Punk drops the microphone takes two steps back and drops to his stomach, rolls onto and then off the apron and runs around the ring*

*He leaps over the steel steps and races back up the ramp and steps behind the curtain as the crowd continue to chat Punk's name loudly, eagerly awaiting his entrance music*
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The Bad Guy

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Let's get this started! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 11:45 pm

Before CM Punk's music can play The Bad Guy brings the microphone to his mouth to interrupt.

The Bad Guy: "Ha. Ha. Ha. You're hilarious, aren't you?"

The fans in attendance boo loudly, annoyed that The Bad Guy's stopped Punk's entrance.

The Bad Guy: "But let's get one thing straight, that irritating woman you heard on the phone is not and has never been my girlfriend or anything else. So you can that that assumption and throw it out the window."

The Bad Guy casually walks to the edge of the ring, towards the entrance ramp.

The Bad Guy: "You assume too much, that I'm inferior to everyone else in the match, that I'm saying things on that twitter when I don't even use the application, that I'm all talk and no action because I haven't done any physical activity what-so-ever. I'm sorry, what physical activity have you taken part in today?"

The Bad Guy turns to Drew Korth.

The Bad Guy: "And you? Have you done anything physical to prove you are going to become the champion?"

The Bad Guy turns back to the camera, facing the audience.

The Bad Guy: "I didn't know there where set rules we had to abide by even before the match began. I do apologize."

The Bad Guy smiles.

The Bad Guy: "See Punk, I don't assume that this imbecile standing before me can beat you. I don't assume that you can beat him. I know, that I can beat each and every person that comes into this ring one on one. But please, continue with your entrance. We wouldn't want these fans to miss you running into a ring at top speed, would we?"

The Bad Guy moves to the other side of the ring, allowing CM Punk to make his entrance.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 9:29 am

I left this open for replies?

I guess I didn't make that clear, well Connor guess that means more edits... ffs.
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Jack Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 2:05 am

Ahh quit yer whining. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 4:39 am

Im too lazy to quit whining. Oh well, most TWG people are half retarded so they won't even notice if the show doesn't make sense... i'm not joking either, i'm just telling the truth Razz
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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 5:43 am

Added. All of it.
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Let's get this started! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let's get this started!   Let's get this started! Icon_minitime

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Let's get this started!
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