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 Cuetips is in the building

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Cuetips is in the building Empty
PostSubject: Cuetips is in the building   Cuetips is in the building Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 2:58 am

The lights go dark as Jojo Cuetips music hits. Golden sparks shower from the titontron as Cuetips makes way through. He is dressed in a tailored blue suit and is walking to the ring with a microphone in hand. The crowd are excited at the prospect of seeing a supertar like Jojo Cuetips perform in the ring tonight.

He walks down the entrance ramp slapping hands with the fans along the way, he stops at the entrance and grabs a camera out of someones hand in the crowd, takes a quick photo of himself and then hands it back before walking up the steps and entering the ring.

Cuetips stands in the centre of the ring and raises the microphone to his mouth as the crowd start to cheer.

He pauses and looks around the areana as the crowd cheer even louder.

He walks over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the crowd a they shout out his name.

Crowd: "Cuetips... Cuetips... Cuetips... Cuetips... Cuetips..."

He hops down and makes his way back to the centre of the ring as he begins to speak.

Jojo Cuetips: "Damm its good to have a new home. Double Branded Wrestling Federation, What's up?"

The crowd cheer loudly and start chanting....

Crowd: "DBWF... DBWF... DBWF... DBWF..."

JC: "Now i got a few things i wanna discuss here tonight so im just gonna get on to it. See, anyone who knows me, knows i dont like to play a backseat role and while tonight i had to compete in a dark match before the show started, I'm a stand at the front sort of guy. I like to back up my talk with actions. I like to fight, and most importantly, i like to win titles... and competing in dark matches, show warmers, well that dosn't get you titles."

Cuetips moves over towards the entrance ramp, leans on the ropes and looks up in the direction of the ramp....

JC: "So i'm not going to dilly dally around here and pussy foot around the subject. All you guys in the back, if your holding gold, then your the one i'll be coming at and I wont stop until i reach the top of the DBWF pecking order and become the DBWF World Heavyweight Champion!!!"

The crowd cheer as Cuetips moves back towards the centre of the ring.

JC: "Now on another note anyone looking at joining a stable, let me know. I could use a few good guys in my corner. You see people, i have won multiple championships in various companies, i've been heavily involved in backroom business in various companies and i have sold out more arenas than i can remember. I am a fighting man and a betting man, and you guys are betting men too, then i suggest you put your money on me."

He makes his way towards the ropes and almost hops out but stops, then goes back in....

JC: " Oh yeah, one more thing.... ladies and gentlene... JC IS IN THE BUILDING!!!"

His music hits as he rolls out of the ring and struts off up the ramp making his way to the top then turning back around to show appreciation to the crowd.....

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Cuetips is in the building Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cuetips is in the building   Cuetips is in the building Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 5:09 am

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Cuetips is in the building
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