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 Eternity's introduction.

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Eternity's introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Eternity's introduction.   Eternity's introduction. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 6:53 am

The lights go out in the arena as a timer appears on the titantron. It says '5'. A song had started to play as the clock counts down. The crowd almost instantly recognizes it as 'Runaway' by 'Hail the Villian'. As the music plays a man appears on stage with stretched out legs and arms. The man's head hangs down His hands form the 'Sign of the horns' gesture. Slowly,smoke surrounds him. In an instant the smoke dissapeared, the lights went on, and the titantron reveals who it is. 'Eternity'. The now identified man makes his way to the ring with a smirk on his face. When there, he receives a microphone and gazes toward the crowd waiting for the music to stop.

Eternity: "Let's cut right to the chase here. Eternity is DBWF!"

A mixed reaction is heard from the crowd. Some don't react at all.

Eternity: "Some people have been asking me why i signed with DBWF. Could it be that i was desperate for competition? Is it because i need the money? Actually, hold on to that thought. Is it because i want to be some popular kid? I've ignored all those suggestions except one. The question concerning money. It exactly why i joined DBWF. I get exactly what i want,when i want it."

The crowd's cheers turn into loud,loud boo's. Eternity continues to talk comfortably.

Eternity: "Do you people honestly think that i give a damn about what you think? I'd rather be boo'ed in this ring while peforming and...correction, kicking ass and earning money then sitting in those chairs, wasting my money, and getting fatter by the second! Are you the people that i am compared with? The 'average' person?' If you all had the ability of those guys in the back combined you still couldn't stand the heat of holding a candle with me!"

The crowd's roughly showing their hate toward the self-centered man. 'You Suck!' chants can be heard from the mature parts of the audience. Eternity continuesly looks around with a slight frown, his voice sounding more intense

Eternity: "You people think that you can be impressive by telling us whatever is on your mind! More unique words is more reputation, right? I don't need a damn thesaurus to prove my ability! And if you haven't seen that yet,then i suggest you suck in all the air to pull the fat from your cheeks so you can see clearly, and watch me peform like a professional! WATCH ME SHINE!"

Etenity leaves the ring after shouting his catchphrase followed by echoing boo's. Just before stepping back behind the curtain, Eternity looks at the crowd one more time with furiousity spread on his face when the crowd reacts with one of the loudest boo's of the night.
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Eternity's introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eternity's introduction.   Eternity's introduction. Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 4:07 am

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Eternity's introduction.
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