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 The Brazillian Warrior talks

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PostSubject: The Brazillian Warrior talks   The Brazillian Warrior talks Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 4:05 am

As the screen fades back in, Natalya Jones is seen standing with her tight leather pants and red top with a black microphone with the letters DBWF standing on the microphone with shining silver letters. She is standing next to the big Double Brand Wrestling Federation logo with The Brazilian Warrior "Kizashi" who has an determent look in his eye, as Natalya Jones gets ready to ask Kizashi the first Question.

Natalya Jones: Hello Everyone, I am here tonight with The Brazilian Warrior, Kizashi.

Natalya Jones: Now Kizashi, I got a few questions for you tonight concerning tonights match against Lucian Blackheart for the DBWF intercontinental Title, but before we get in to that, I would like to ask you about how it has been for you in XRW so far?

Kizashi smiles as Natalya begins to blush while he takes the microphone up to his mouth and begins to talk.

Kizashi: These past few weeks in Double Brand Wrestling Federation, has been some of the best in my life.

Kizashi: I have been treated with respect in the locker room, and the amazing DBWF universe is the biggest reason why I love this place... They have cheered me on in my darkest hours in the middle of matches, and that is why i am here tonight...

Kizashi: If it wasn't for the crowd last week, I don't think i'd be standing here as Number 1 contender for the DBWF Intercontinental Title tonight. But Now I am here, and I am going to promise you all one hell of a match between me and Lucian.

Kizashi lowers the microphone, as
Natalya Jones gets ready to ask another question.

Natalya Jones: Well, that is great to hear Kizashi, but it's not time to move on to talk about tonights show and your title match.

Natalya Jones: Now my second question is, how well have you prepared for this match?

Kizashi: How well I have prepared?

Kizashi: Well sweet Natalya, let me tell you this... I have been preparing every single second of every minute of every hour of every day since I earned my way to this title match here tonight...

Kizashi: And I am not going to let anyone stand in my way! and with the crowd behind me, I know I will do victorious and walk out the NEW DBWF Intercontinental Champion!

Natalya Jones: Alright, my third and final question is, do you have any comments about tonights opponent?

Kizashi: Let me put it like this, Lucian is a great man and a great fighter... I have watched him wrestle some of his greatest matches ever, and I must say he is one tough competitor, he is not the kind of guy who gives up easily when they got locked in a submission hold, or gets knocked out if they get hit with a chair..

Kizashi: But all that is going to change tonight, I am going to give Lucian the greatest match of his career... He might have defeated some of the top wrestlers in the world, but as a fact i know that he has never wrestled a fighter like me... I got a unique style which is almost impossible to master, but I am one of the few who has.

Kizashi: My Kiz Lock is one of the deadliest locks in the world, it has made some of the greatest fighters in the world tap out...

Kizashi stares at the camera, with a look which has never been seen from him before

Kizashi: And you my friend... you are going to be the next victim of the Deadly Kiz Lock! Because there can only be ONE champion, and the other one has to fall to the count of 3 or tap out...

Kizashi: And I am here to make a promise to all my fans here tonight. With you guys help then after tonights match i will walk out of the ring with the championship gold around my waist while you people are chanting my name through out the arena

Kizashi: Because tonight is the day I will show the world that i have truly mastered the art of Capoeria, and tonight I am going to make my father proud by winning that title and making Lucian suffer to my venomous Kiz Lock.

Kizashi takes his focus away from the camera and looks back at the lovely
Natalya Jones, as she begins to speak.

Natalya Jones: Well thank you for your time Kizashi, and i wish you good luck on your match tonight.

Kizashi smiles at Natalya Jones and walks away with a big smile on his face, as Natalya Jones blushes and the camera fades to black.
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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: The Brazillian Warrior talks   The Brazillian Warrior talks Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 4:31 pm

I think you're too late. I tried adding it but it wont let me edit the show. So I'm guessing the show has already been confirmed.
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Jack Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: The Brazillian Warrior talks   The Brazillian Warrior talks Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 6:58 am

nah its added Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Brazillian Warrior talks   The Brazillian Warrior talks Icon_minitime

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The Brazillian Warrior talks
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