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 An Intense Workout

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Lucian Blackheart

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An Intense Workout Empty
PostSubject: An Intense Workout   An Intense Workout Icon_minitimeThu Dec 01, 2011 11:23 pm

A small obstacle course can be seen, with a punching bag
at the end. Lucian Blackheart is seen sitting at the start wrapping his
hands with tape. He grabs what appears to be an iPod, and places
ear-phones in his ears.

After stretching for a
bit, he jumps to his feet. With his knowledge of the art of parkour, he
breezes through the course with ease.

Lucian Blackheart: "You're going to win!"
Lucian Blackheart then rushes to the punching bag delivering devastating combos.
Lucian Blackheart: "They can't stop me!"
Lucian Blackheart delivers a unique flow of kicks.
Lucian Blackheart: "You am invincible! They can't stop me! You just have to keep moving your feet!"
Lucian Blackheart begins to dodge and weave, incoperating punches with his kicking combination.
Lucian Blackheart: "You're the greatest!"
Lucian Blackheart begins to high knee the punching bag, throwing in some elbows.
Lucian Blackheart: "You're the greatest the world has ever seen!"
Blackheart stands still for a few seconds. Eyes closed. He delivers one
final spinning high kick, busting the bag open. He turns away to grab a
towel as grains of sand begins to fall to the ground. Lucian Blackheart
approaches the camera.

Lucian Blackheart: "Enjoy the show? Well then you'll definitely enjoy watching me destroy Kizoofus. Kind of like the bag, huh?"
Lucian laughs as he superkicks the cameraman out of nowhere. The scene fades to black.
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An Intense Workout
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