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 Climbing the Ladder

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Zack Fantana

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PostSubject: Climbing the Ladder   Climbing the Ladder Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 2:05 pm

Backstage, Melissa Scott seems to be annoyed about being put on Zack Fantana duty again.

Melissa Scott: "Melissa Scott again backstage with the undefeated Zack Fantana. Tonight, you put your undefeated record on a line against Lover Boy. How do you--?"

Fantana interrupts Melissa mid-sentence.

Zack Fantana: "Hold on. You're not going to ask me about my decisive win over the DBWF World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk last week?"

Melissa Scott: "Sure, but decisive is a stretch. You were assisted by a distraction by the Bad Guy."

Zack Fantana: "Look, you don't see me complaining about the thousands of fans distracting me by chanting my name. CM Punk should be able to focus with one guy at ringside. He could take some notes from me about being a professional."

Melissa Scott: "Didn't you throw a temper tantrum just last week about not getting an opportunity to be number one contender?"

Zack Fantana: "Hmm...Not. Ringing. A bell. No, no Melissa, the plan all along has been to wow the boss with my sense of professionalism, decorum, and class that he'll eventually have to give me my shot. And now he has, because the Fantana Fanatics have demanded it. This Saturday, I'll be in the 6-way ladder match for the Golden Ticket. And who better to win the Golden Ticket than the Golden Boy?"

Melissa Scott: "And that would be...?"

Zack Fantana: "Oh, that's just a nickname that the guys have been calling me in the back. I don't even like it."

Melissa Scott: "Yeah, I'm almost certain no one's ever called you that."

Zack Fantana: "Well, they'll start. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, Melissa. I think you may have forgotten that I have some business to take care of tonight."

Melissa rolls her eyes.

Zack Fantana: "You see, part of the reason I'm looked up to so much in the locker room is because I always have perspective. Tonight, I face the presumed-to-be-named-ironically Revolution roster member Lover Boy. Like any other professional athlete, I'm going to take it one match at a time, give it 110 percent, and other sports clich├ęs. It's that type of singular focus that will propel Fantanarama to the top of the DBWF ladder, literally and figuatively."

With that, Zack abruptly walks off screen, presumably distracted by a butterfly or bright light of some sort.
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Climbing the Ladder
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