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 Three for Three?

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PostSubject: Three for Three?   Three for Three? Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 4:09 pm

After several minutes silence, the crowd begins to become restless... a drum solo begins to play, causing them to stir, but quickly turns into boos when it becomes apparent that no one is coming out. The the titantron comes to life, and Distor Centura fades into view, somewhere in the backstage, smiling at the camera.

Distor: "Sorry about that... guess the technicians got a bit overexcited. Now, there's something I want to talk about..."

Distor starts walking towards the camera, which begins moving backwards, the effect being Distor walking through the maze of corridors.

Distor: "Now, if you don't live under a rock, you'd know I'm two for two. And now, I'm looking to make it three for three."

The cameraman stumbles a bit, but manages to recover and is now walking side on with Distor, who doesn't seem to notice change.

Distor: "Tonight's challenge? Won't be that easy though. Tonight, I'll be taking on a bear, a mountain, someone that outweights, outgrows, and outgrowls every other person on this roster."

Distor glances at the camera and smirks.

Distor: "Yeah, that's right. Tonight I fight Dagrizz. We've fought plenty of times on the indepedant circuit, from tournaments to invitationals to even an elimination chamber or two. Tonight though? We fight for the first time in a federation. Pretty sure I'm gonna need my A-game for this one... but don't you worry my adoring fans. This little unbeaten run will last all the way to the end of the season. Now, if you'll excuse me... I do believe I hear my entrance music."

Distor leaves the cameras view. In the distance, A Slow Descent by The Butterfly Effect begins playing....
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PostSubject: Re: Three for Three?   Three for Three? Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2011 5:37 am

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Three for Three?
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