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 Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3)

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Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3) Empty
PostSubject: Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3)   Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:00 am

Eternity can be seen on the titantron talking with some wrestlers as the crowd response becomes a mix of cheers and boo's. Natalya Jones can be seen walking to him. She taps his shoulder as Eternity turns his head toward her, followed by his body as the other wrestlers walk away.

Natalya: "Hey Eternity. I was wondering if i could ask some questions. Do you have some time?"

Eternity: "Sure. Make it a little quick though, i need to get into gear."

Natalya: "Lately you've been really busy with talking your way up and right now you're backing those words up by having an unbeaten streak. How does this make you feel?"

Eternity: "You know, i'll be honest Natalya. An unbeaten streak can leave you vulnerable. You think of yourself as some strong force to be noticed. That too is what the guys are thinking. But BestEver found that out last week, and St Clears Soldier Dan did the week before that."

Natalya: "That brings up another question. Why did you attack S.C.S Dan after the match?"

Eternity: "To make myself be a noticable force. To make a statement. Mainly."

Natalya: "So you hope to prove a statement by attacking a defenceless person after a match? As a women i find that weak."

The crowd reacts with soft 'Oooh's as Eternity smiles and looks away for a second

Eternity: "That was to prove that i too am merciless. And i think i put out S.C.S Dan with that move. I got contacted by the general manager to never do that move again. So i found a new move. Two, actually.You'll see what i mean soon enough."

Natalya: "Okay. Now for my last question, i need to bring up something you mentioned last week. You said you considered yourself a 'Heel' in this company. But lately you've been becoming much more friendly. How so?"

Eternity: "It's because i want a title shot. And if won't get one until i play nice. That's all. So. Natalya. Will i be seeing you later tonight?.. If you know what i mean."

Natalya smiles and brings the microphone up to her lips once more.

Natalya: "When you grow a set, sure."

Eternity laughs and walks away as screen turns black.
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Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3)   Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 12:02 am

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Eternity Backstage Interview (Rev. Week 3)
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