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 Lucian Blackheart rant

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Lucian Blackheart

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Lucian Blackheart rant Empty
PostSubject: Lucian Blackheart rant   Lucian Blackheart rant Icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2011 5:55 pm

Don't You Wish You Were Me by Fozzy blasts through the arena speakers as a Lucian Blackheart makes his way down the ramp and to the ring with a mic and what appears to be a promo poster in hand, and a cold look in his eyes.
Lucian Blackheart: "You know.. I've been looking at tonight's card non-stop since it was released. Didn't sleep, didn't blink. In fact I have a copy right here."
Lucian Blackheart unfolds the poster showing it to the crowd.
Blackheart: "Well look what we have here. Libra vs. Lucian Blackheart..
Near the bottom of the card. Now let me tell you the mistake you made
Mr. GM. I don't co-main event! I am.. The Main Event!"

Lucian Blackheart tears the poster to shreds.
LucianBlackheart: "You see, Mr. Daniels.. Here's the thing. I am your top superstar. I am the best there ever is, the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be. Especially when it comes to this company. Hold on a sec.."
In his frustration Lucian Blackheart exits the ring, throws a man off his chair, grabbing the chair and setting it up in the ring. He takes a seat.
Lucian Blackheart: "Mr. Daniels, can't you see? I'm just trying to help you out here. This being a new wrestling federation, I see you making rookie mistakes and it breaks my heart. Truly. What you don't seem to
understand is that I, Lucian Blackheart, sell tickets. I get you views. Since I started here, I've helped you out more then you seem to understand. I fill your pockets with money.. I feed your family.. I've
made your dream a posibility! A reality! Now I want you to return the
favor. You give me that title belt that I've earned.. that I've worked
for.. Sweated for!"

Lucian Blackheart stands to his feet and throws the chair into the crowd hitting a fan in the head knocking him out cold and busting him wide open. EMT's rush to the scene escorting the man out.
Lucian Blackheart: "Yeah... SUE ME!"
BZZT!! Lucian Blackheart drops the mic and makes his way backstage with a sick sadistic smile on his face.
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Lucian Blackheart rant
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