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 Three Kings

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PostSubject: Three Kings   Three Kings Icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 5:23 am

Paully lifts his hands as the winner of the match with a determined grin on his face. Confident with the job he had performed in the ring just then, he readies himself to leave. Just before he does Elliott appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Elliott Serenity: "Paully! Well done! Well done!"

Pausing to note the crowds reaction for a second, he continues.

Elliott Serenity: "But may I ask you something? I can see that you look quite chuffed with your victory, and rightfully so. However, the question I want to ask you is why is he still standing?"

An evil smirk spreads across Elliotts face as the crowd realises what he's suggesting. With a slow, menacing walk, he makes his way towards the ring, eyes not leaving Paully and his match opponent. Elliott jumps into the ring and greets Paully with a friendly gesture. Then he lets his eyes gaze at the reason he's out of the locker rooms.

Elliott Serenity: "Need I remind you that we are here to dominate. We are here to prove that we are better than this place, and better than the people involved. We have to make a point! We have to let people understand that they do NOT want to cross us!"

He lifts the loser of the match and places him down on one knee.

Elliott Serenity: "This is how you do that."

Elliott throws the mic to Paully, spins around and runs up the opponents leg, smashing him
in the face with his knee executing a LEGENDARY GrimFace!!

With that, Elliott folds the now unconcious recievers legs.

Elliott Serenity floors the opponent and crosses their legs under his
arm then pulls on them executing a LEGENDARYEnd!!
Elliott keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold!
Elliott keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold!
Elliott keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold!

Paully nods in approval as he watches.

Paully C: "Not to shabby Elliott, but I've got a better idea."

Paully C leaves the ring and goes underneath the ring and pulls out a table. He slides back into the ring with it and sets it up in the corner. Paully C signals to Elliott to bring his opponent over.

Elliott releases his hold, and with glee only a madman can muster, picks up the mic again.

Paully C picks up his opponent,and carries him over his shoulder onto the top turnbuckle. Paully C lifts the opponent above his head and tosses him up and catches him piledriving him headfirst through the table executing a HARDCORE Destroyer Of Worlds

Elliott Serenity: "And that is why you don't cross the Three Kings. Because each of us are forces to be reckoned with, let alone when we stand together. We're done here."

Elliott biffs the mic at the ground and stalks up the ramp with Paully C..
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PostSubject: Re: Three Kings   Three Kings Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 5:05 am

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Three Kings
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