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 The 3 Kings (first show of season)

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Ed Roland TWT

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PostSubject: The 3 Kings (first show of season)   Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:18 am

Ed Roland, Paully C and Elliott Serenity make their way to down the ramp and into the ring

Ed grabs a mic

Ed: "I dont know why our plans lead us to this place, but after looking around I got to say, Im kind of impressed so far"

Fans cheer

Ed: "With that said, we followed a certain coward here, and we find out that we might not even have him on the same roster and that this might be the only time we can do this...MATTHEW MOORE GET OUT and I have to revisit an old agreement"

Ed waits for a reply

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The 3 Kings (first show of season)
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