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 Stryfe in ring rp

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PostSubject: Stryfe in ring rp   Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:14 am

the arena goes black and the the light turns red blood the entrance music of stryfe starts, a crimson lightning apears in the titatron
stryfe goes to the ring and says" if you thought you got ride of me youre damn wrong, i am the best wrestler in the worldand all of you inbreed ingrants in the audience know it and all those so call wrestlers in the back know it as well, only that can explain the fact that I dont have match today!"

"if there are any real men in the back i challenge any one of you to face me tonight"

there's a silence and no one answer the challenge and stryfe says"that's what i thought" and stryfe leaves the ring.
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CM Punk

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PostSubject: Re: stryfe in the ring   Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:24 pm

*This Fire Burns echos out over the arena, stryfe knocked back a step from the boom of the music*

*CM Punk slow walks out to thunderous applause, holding a microphone in his left hand*

*He looks out to the crowd and then down to stryfe on the ramp*

*He switches the microphone from his left hand to his right and waves his fingers in front of his throat to tell the production office to stop the music*

*The music dies down and CM Punk slow walks towards styrfe with the crowd beginning a booming chant of "CM Punk! CM Punk!"*

*Punk lifts the microphone to his mouth*

Punk: I can guarantee everyone in this audience is very VERY confused right now. All you did was come out from the back. *Punk motions towards the curtain and sweeps his arm in a path* Come down the ramp and into the ring. *Punk extends his arm pointing at the ring* Stand there and talk for a moment...

*Punk sweeps his arm back from the ring to the locker room*

Punk: and then leave the ring...

*Punk points to the microphone*

Punk: You need one of these for people to hear you

*The crowd cheers loudly for Punk*

Punk: And I am the loudest voice that these people will ever hear. But you are trying to get people's attention by whispering over gunfire.

*Punk looks stryfe up and down*

Punk: You're in your ring gear. I'm assuming that you want a match. I presume correctly?

*Punk lowers the microphone towards the mouth of stryfe*

*Stryfe goes to talk but Punk pulls the microphone back away quickly*

Punk: You have to talk into the microphone for people to hear you.

*Punk lowers the microphone towards stryfe's mouth again but pulls it away*

Punk: Pardon?

*Punk again repeats lowering the microphone towards stryfe's mouth and taking it away as styrfe tries to speak. The crowd cheer and laugh*

Punk: Huh?

*Punk again repeats lowering the microphone towards stryfe's mouth and taking it away as styrfe tries to speak. The crowd cheers louder*

Punk: Excuse me?

*Punk again repeats lowering the microphone towards stryfe's mouth and taking it away as styrfe tries to speak. The crowd continues to cheer louder*

Punk: I can't hear you.

*Punk again repeats lowering the microphone towards stryfe's mouth but stryfe snatches the microphone with a FKKKTK! sound ringing over the speakers*

*stryfe angrily goes to talk but no sound is heard which makes the audience laugh. stryfe looks down at the micrphone and looks up at Punk who holds up the battery pack that is inserted into the end of the microphone with a smile on his face*

*the crowd cheers and beings another CM Punk! chant as punk pulls another microphone out of his pocket*

Punk: Without a voice. You are nothing. But its obvious that you want a match... you just found an opponent.

*Punk throws the microphone behind him, back up the ramp with a BZZKT! when it hits the ground. Punk walks past stryfe and slides under the bottom rope. He stands up and takes his shirt off and motions for stryfe to get in the ring with him*
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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: Stryfe in ring rp   Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:07 am

*The intensity in Punk's eyes lights up as he makes eye contact with stryfe, when all of a sudden/*


OOC: Added. Click This!
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PostSubject: Re: Stryfe in ring rp   

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Stryfe in ring rp
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