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 SCS dan Interview (1st rp)

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St Clears Soldier Dan

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PostSubject: SCS dan Interview (1st rp)   Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:30 am

Interviewer (Natalya Jones): Welcome to Saturday Night Revolution, Here I am joined by...
Dan steals the mic from her
SCSdan: I'm St Clears Soldier Dan, And i don't need any promos or introductions, I do my talking in the ring. To Whoever im facing tonight, I hope your ready because i will not go easy on you, Im here to win and make my way to the top. No matter what it takes.

Dan thrusts the mic at Natalya and storms away

I understand that it is a bit short but there will be bigger and better ones to come.
If you have any opinions on how this could be improved please don't hesitate to leave a reply, Thanks.
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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: SCS dan Interview (1st rp)   Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:43 am

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SCS dan Interview (1st rp)
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