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 The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'

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Jack Johnson

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PostSubject: The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'    Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:22 am

The scene fades into a corridor, located in the backstage area of the DBWF Arena, the camera has its view fixed upon a door, for some odd reason, maybe Rod Lightning put it there, who knows? The door then swings open and we see a rather muscular figure walk. Dressed in a basic civilian attire, consisting of a white top, dark blue jeans and a pair of fashionable white trainers. The face of this figure is one that would be considered as 'sexy' to many females. He is carrying a large gym bag which swings along next to him. The camera moves backwards to follow this figure.

The Demolition Interviewer, Melissa Scott, then comes into view, she hurries behind thefigure and catches up to him. The figure stops as he looks down at Melissa. Melissa smiles as she pulls a microphone out of her leather trousers. She raises it to her mouth as she speaks.

[Melissa Card]

Melissa Scott: "Jack! Thank god I caught up with you! I've been looking everywhere for you. Any chance of a quick interview?"

'Jack' smirks as he replies.

Jack: "Well of course, After all, you've been looking for ages to find me. I'm not that sort of guy to let a pretty face down."

Jack winks. Melissa smiles again, but keeps her composure.

Melissa Scott: "Ok, Jack could you tell us your name?"


Jack: "My name? You'd have to be living under a huge pile of rocks to not know my name. My name is 'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson. It's not a gimmick, nor is it a funky catchy nickname. It is the name that has been given to me by the majority of the wrestling critics across the world. It is a title that I have earned because of my great wrestling skills."

Melissa Scott: "Alright, what brings you here to the Double Brand Wrestling Federation?"

'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson takes a little while to respond.

'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson: "What brings me here you say? Well, lets just say that I came here, hoping to be alongside someone special, someone that I had strong feelings for ever since I was a child. But I'm not, as you can see, I'm here alone and the girl I loved is in Archetype Wrestling."

Melissa Scott: "Umm, I for one watched you in ATW, and I must say that, just by standing next to you, you seem more closed up?"

'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson: "Yeah well when then you'll know the reason why. I JKO'ed Era. Something that I swore to never do! All because she refused to go with me. She was the only person I could open up to, but not anymore. I can't trust anyone like I did with Era, "

Melissa nods slowly as Jack responds.

Melissa Scott: "Alright and finally, you are scheduled to compete in the 6-man battle royale to determine who will become the first ever DBWF World Heavyweight Champion. What are your thoughts going into this match?"

'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson: "All I'm gonna say is that every competitor better keep an eye out for me. You wouldn't take your eyes off of a Viper would you? Of course you wouldn't. Well the same principal applies to me. I'll JKO anyone who gets in my way of winning the DBWF World Heavyweight Title."

Melissa Scott: "Thanks Jack"

'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson nods and waves at Melissa. He walks out of view. The scene fades to black.
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Jack Johnson

Posts : 83
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'    Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:37 am

added to the show.
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'    Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:46 am

Love how you added your own promo first. ;P
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'    

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The Arrival of The 'Unstoppable One'
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