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 Lucian Blackheart Pre-PPV Hype

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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Lucian Blackheart Pre-PPV Hype   Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:41 am

Don't You Wish You Were Me by Fozzy blasts through the
arena speakers as a mysterious figure makes his way down the ramp and to
the ring with a mic in hand.

Lucian Blackheart: "Finally.. I'm home! Thursday Night Demolition! Did you miss me? Did it completely disgust you when I appeared on Saturday Night Revolution!? Well I suppose it wasn't all bad. I did walk away as a contendor for the DBWF IC title."
A smile appears on Lucian Blackheart's face as he briefly pauses, waiting for the crowd to contain themselves.
Lucian Blackheart: "I'm just finding out now.. That my opponent will be
another one of those Repulsuion punks. Kiz..ucchini? Kis..uzuki? Kid..
Sushi? Kiznobodygivesadamn! You see not only does your name not matter, YOU DON'T MATTER! I am going to destroy you, and bring that IC title to Thursday Night Demolition!"

Lucian Blackheart raises his arm to a huge POP!
Lucian Blackheart: "I am a forced to be reckoned with. The fans of DBWF all know that.. But after Saturday night, you'll know it too, Kiz."
Bzzt!! Don't You Wish You Were Me by Fozzy blasts over the arena speakers. Lucian Blackheart drops the mic, and makes his way backstage.
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Lucian Blackheart Pre-PPV Hype
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