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 Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers

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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:37 am

Please post your Taunts, Signatures and Finishers. This will help with match editing, and whoever else decided to add another wrestlers finisher to their RP's.

NOTE: For your finishers, please state if they are DD (Direct Damage), Pin or Submission. Also place finishers in order of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and label them. I would also ask that you replace the opponent with [opponent].
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Lucian Blackheart

Posts : 67
Join date : 2011-10-20

PostSubject: Lucian Blackheart Taunts, Signatures and Finishers   Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:11 am

Near Death Experience (DD)
Lucian Blackheart
intercepts [opponent] as they try to leap off the top turnbuckle by delivering a devestating right hook

Lucian Blackheart springboards up delivering a backflip kick to [opponent] head executing Extraordinary Near Death Experience!!

Heart Failure (Sub)
Lucian Blackheart begins a kicking combo on [opponent]
As [opponent] falls to their knees Lucian Blackheart wraps his arms around
there neck and his legs around [opponent]'s body executing Fantastic
Heart Failure!!

Dark Kiss (DD)
Lucian Blackheart kicks [opponent] to the shin, then behind the knee

Lucian Blackheart then runs to the ropes springboarding off and house kicks [opponent] to the temple executing a Extraordinary Dark Kiss!!


Blackheart Death Drop (Modified Northern Light Suplex)(DD)
Lucian Blackheart puts his head under [opponent]'s arm
and brings him backward with a bridge performing a [b] Fantastic Blackheart Death Drop!!

Blood Lust (Modified Diving Headbutt)(DD)
Lucian Blackheart
gets on the top turnbuckle with a jump

and jumps toward the prone opponent hitting him with his head, performing a Fantastic Blood Lust!!

Crucifixion Cross (Modified Figure 4)(Sub)
Lucian Blackheart grabs his rival's legs
and locks them painfully with his own to form a violent Crucifixion Cross!!

Bloodied Cut-throat
Lucian Blackheart Bites His Thumb And Drags It Across His Neck Letting The Blood Run Down executing A Bloodied Cut-throat

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PostSubject: Re: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:20 am


Devil Lock (Direct Damage):
Eternity straightens the opponent and twists his arm
then goes around his back and with his other hand keeps the opponents arm locked on his back. Then gets him into a front facelock and sweeps the legs from under him offering no protection for the Devil Lock DDT at all executing Devil Lock


In Corrupt Hands (Submission):
Eternity pushes the opponent down on the ground and wraps his arms around the opponent's legs
then turns him over into an elevated boston crab, placing a knee onto the back of the opponents head executing In Corrupt Hands


Ultimatum (Direct Damage)
Eternity knocks the opponent down in the middle of the ring then runs toward the ropes
Eternity then springboards of the ropes and backflips while tucking in his knees. Then lands with both knees on the opponents chest executing Ultimatum

Signatures / Trademarks

Modified Pepsi Twist (Direct Damage)
Eternity grabs the adversary with an arm
meanwhile with the other one crashes him on the ground with a streched arm, performing a strong Modified Pepsi Twist!!

Modified Samoan Drop (Direct Damage)
Eternity puts his opponent on his shoulders
and throws himself backward, trampling him with strong Modified Samoan Drop!!

Modified Shoulder Lock (Submission)


Eternity cuts his throat with his thumb executing a Cut-throat
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Zack Fantana

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PostSubject: Re: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:27 pm


Deus Ex Machina (Direct Damage) - Primary
Zack Fantana drapes his opponent over his shoulders
then falls to the mat, slamming [opponent]'s neck into the canvas.
(it's meant to be a Samoan Driver)

Godsend (Pin) - Secondary
Zack Fantana climbs to the top rope
then jumps off, hitting a 450 degree splash onto [opponent] below executing Godsend


Fantanarana (Blackout) - Direct Damage
Zack Fantana hurls the leg preparing the blow
and connects with a violent Fantanasy!!

Fantanasy (Roundhouse Kick) - Direct Damage
Zack Fantana grabs Asator's shoulders from behind
slamming his back down to the mat performing a Fantastic Fantanarana!!

Modified Swanton Bomb - Direct Damage
Zack Fantana jumps on the turnbuckle from the apron ring,
and with a crazy fly he throws himself with a half flip hitting his opponent with his back with a violent Modified Swanton Bomb!!


Rhythm of the Boogie
Zack Fantana flexes his muscles and violently shakes the ropes executing a Rhythm Of The Boogie
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Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:02 am


Elliott Serenity runs up [opponent] leg and smashes him
in the face with his knee executing a LEGENDARY Grimface!!

Elliott Serenity floors [opponent] and crosses their legs under his
arm then pulls on them executing a LEGENDARY Synyster Smile

Elliott Serenity wraps his arm around [opponent] chest,
and slams him to the ground executing a LEGENDARY Rapid Ending

Elliott Serenity grabs Master Level 3 Cartman's ankle
twisting it applying an LEGENDARY Omega lock!!

Elliott Serenity places himself behind his opponent
blocks his arms and joining his fingers behind his rival's head, executes a LEGENDARY Omega act!!

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Lover Boy

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PostSubject: Re: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:01 pm


Lover Boy kicks [nome] in the gut hooks a suplex postion and hooks [nome] 's right leg
Lover Boy then pulls [nome] up into the air spins [nome] mid-air and fisherman suplex's [nome] onto the ground pinning [nome] executing a Love Lost (pin)

Lover Boy grabs [nome] in a double underhook
then preforms a Russian Leg Sweep into a DDT executing a Heart Attack (dd)

Lover Boy grabs [nome] from behind in a back rack
and then rolls [nome] over his head and let's him fall face first then suddenly kicking [nome] in the head executing a Love Lust (dd)

Love Lock (Koji Clutch)

Heart Drop (Samoan Drop)

Cardiac Shock (DDT)

Lover Boy Puts His Arms Out From His Side And Spits A Blood Mist Into The Air executing a Loves In The Air

Lover Boy Swipes A X Over His Heart executing a Cross My Heart

Lover Boy Bows And Pulls Out A Rose Which He Throws In The Face Of his oppanent executing a Rose For A Rose
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PostSubject: Re: Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers   

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Taunts, Trademarks and Finishers
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