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 Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)

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PostSubject: Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)   Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:02 am

The camera goes in the ring, where Pantheon stands with a mic in his hand.

Pantheon: You know....last week I said I got nothing to prove to a rabble such as yourself *crowd boos him* and I stand by my words! *moves slowly around the ring, so that he can encompass with his mighty eyes all the people in the arena*

Pantheon: However....Ooooo please! Stop your useless boos and other pig squeals *crowd begins to chant an insult towards Pantheon*, you ain't making anything else than proving i am right about you. Anyway, as I was trying to say, I do have to prove something to someone! I have to prove myself to the only person that matters in this world: ME! I gotta prove that last week's beating was nothing but a fluke for that amateur! You hear me Johnson? A fluke!!!

Pantheon *slams his foot hard on the ring floor*: I am the first to admit that even though my might is beyond your limited mind to comprehend, I still have my flaws! After all, am only human! But I can't accept defeat in the hands of an amateur! If you are man enough you will come out of your hiding place, walk out that ramp and come in ring with the man who's gonna give you a can of ass whooping!

Pantheon raises the spear and lets out a mighty war cry, in defiance of the people and everyone against him!
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Jack Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)   Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:34 am

'Demons' by Tech N9ne begin blaring over the arena. The fans start to cheer wildly as the proclaimed 'Unstoppable One' appears from behind the curtain. Dressed in his typical ring attire. He walks slowly to the edge of the stage. Staring at Pantheon. He tightens his grip around the microphone he has in his right hand. He stares at Pantheon with venomous eyes and he begins to walk down the ramp, amidst the fans who are still cheering and chanting for him.

He eventually makes it to the steps. Jack takes a moment to look around the arena at the fans. Before double timing it up the stairs and into the ring. He walks over to the turnbuckle, adjacent to the stairs he just climbed and taunts to the fans who continue to cheer. He climbs down and focuses his attention back to Pantheon. The music fades as does the cheers of the crowd seconds later. Jack raises the microphone close to his lips.

Jack Johnson: "A fluke Pantheon. Is that really your excuse? Do you have any idea who I am? Do you have any idea who you LOST to last week? Let me remind you. You lost to 'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson. The same 'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson that has only lost ONCE in his entire career as a wrestler! The same 'Unstoppable' Jack Johnson that is going to be a future World Heavyweight Champion in this company!"

Jack pauses for a moment, allowing the fans to cheer, agreeing with what Jack says. After a while, Jack speaks again.

Jack Johnson: "My victory was not a fluke Pantheon. You just got beaten by the better man. Just like Lover Boy will get beaten by the better man in a few moments time. But if it's a rematch you want. Then I'll be happy to oblige..."

The fabs start getting excited and pumped up.

Jack Johnson: "Jack Johnson versus Pantheon. At ROAD TO GLORY!!"

The fans start cheering louder at the announcement of the first PPV Match. Jack slowly begins to pace in front of Pantheon.

Jack Johnson: "Yes. At our first ever Pay-Per-View, we will prove that there is nothing fluky, when it comes to me."

Jack Johnson lowers the microphone.
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PostSubject: Re: Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)   Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:33 am

*Pantheon starts to laugh maniacally then to look in disbelief at Johnson*

Pantheon: Ha ha first I thought that the sun is playing tricks to my eyes, which was strange considering its night outside. Then I thought that my hearing went chaotic. But no..there you are in front of the mighty Pantheon, and yes, oh my Gods! are speaking to me. And I am almost speechless!

Pantheon moves in the ring slowly in a defined line in front of Johnson

Pantheon: Almost. But not quite. To be honest, I expected you to have some partial guts after your fluke last week and show your scrawny little butt here. But I am shocked! Shocked and appalled by the fact..actually no, not by the fact you are addressing me, but by what you delude yourself with! Champion? Not a fluke? You?

Pantheon raises his shield and spear up high showing his might

Pantheon *after a mighty shout*: I am the mighty Pantheon! I cannot be defeated by a mere overconfident fool, unless some foul magics are involved against me!

Johnson: You are amusing Pantheon! Sad...but damn hilarious! You live a world of your own, deluding yourself that you are a real wrestler, Mr. "3 moves and those by luck". You have come here and done nothing than to insult the people, your colleagues, the entire fed. But you have proven nothing! To me, to anyone. You are a nobody, that lost to in a fair bout to a better man.

Pantheon: are speaking things that make no sense. Things that only someone who is really backwards mentally speaking can say, or someone who is dead drunk. Are you dead drunk?

Johnson: I have no time for your non-sense boy! Gotta crush a nobody under my feet, and for tonight i don't mean you! See you at Road to Victory, punk!

Pantheon *raising his fist in front of Johnson, who doesn't flinch not even a bit*: Hahmm...amusing! I accept your challenge! Prepare for your execution and the shatter of your dreams and hopes...commoner!

*The two stare challengingly in the eye, tension clearly fueling between them*

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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)   Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:21 am

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PostSubject: Re: Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)   

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Retribution (to be added in the show i am in..any time before my match)
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