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 Dear, Jack Johnson

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Lover Boy

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PostSubject: Dear, Jack Johnson   Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:21 pm

The camera turns onto the eager face of Natalya Jones, holding the mic close, waiting for the que of the cameraman

Natalya: Welcome DBWF fans! I'm Natalya Jones, here to talk with DBWF's own, "Radical Romeo" Lover Boy, on his match tonight with Jack Johnson!

Lover Boy drunkly stumbles into camera veiw, running into lights, the back drop and even Natalya. Lover Boy pushes his face into Natalya's stealing a kiss before snatching the mic away from her

Lover Boy: I can take it from here, BAYYYY beee.

Lover Boy basically pushes Natalya out of the way, as she fastly walks away from the scene, wiping her face with disgust.

Lover Boy: Hello, all you DBWF fans! I am your "Radical Romeo" Lover Boy. I am your FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME! Bench warmer for all you who are wondering! I am here to cover my match with Mr. Jack Johnson later on tonight!

After talking so fast that barely himself could understand, he takes a moment to regroup, takes a deep breath, flips his nappy hair, and stares deeply into the camera as if he were to seduce it.

Lover Boy: Jack Johnson. Wants to hold gold so much that he would sell his soul to the devil?

Lover Boy looks away as if in shame. He pulls his nappy hair back with his free hand, and regroups himself once more.

Lover Boy: Money can't buy love. Slavery can't buy gold.

Now looking at the floor, Lover Boy takes another long pause as if his own words have moved himself.

Lover Boy: Cross my heart, and hope to fight. And look, my wish has came true.

Lover Boy traces an "X" over his chest, as he speaks. He now looks up to the camera with a devilish smile on his face

Lover Boy: Now look, Jack.

As his smile slowly fades into a death stare into the camera, another pause is taken.

Lover Boy: Why sell out? Where's it gonna get you? Your name on a belt? But what about history? ...What about your face... in the hearts of fans EVERYwhere?

Lover Boy points into the general direction to this right as the echos of the fans cheering can be heard ringing through the arena.

Lover Boy: You know your successful when your loved. Not when you have bought your way to the top position.

Lover Boy slowly puts his arm back down to his side, and moves closer to the camera once more.

Lover Boy: I am here to teach you a lesson. A lesson in passion.

Lover Boy looks down and lets his hair fall over his face, before speaking once more.

Lover Boy: Passion for this business, and passion for the chase of gold.

The camera pans out to Lover upper body, as he traces his signature "X" over his chest

Lover Boy: With Love, Lover Boy..

Lover Boy proceeds to throw down the mic, pushes the camera out of his way as he walks away from the backstage backdrop.
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Lucian Blackheart

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PostSubject: Re: Dear, Jack Johnson   Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:48 am

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Dear, Jack Johnson
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