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 The Era of Kizashi

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PostSubject: The Era of Kizashi   Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:53 am

The camera cuts in to the arena, as it shows thousands of cheering fans with DBWF banners and small kids wearing merchandise from there favorite superstars. Some of the people in the crowd are chanting "CM Punk for DBWF World Champion" while others are yelling "Jack Daniels is my god".

Suddenly all lights in the arena goes dark, and only the blitz light from several cameras are viewable in the darkness. As the arena goes dark, the crowd goes silent and not even a single whisper can be heard in the arena, as if no one was there.

The Titan Tron begins to illuminate in the darkness, and fog begins to surround it.The arena starts to get cold, as sounds of Barrage shots hits the PA system and it's heard all over the arena to cut the silence in the cold darkness.

Suddenly the words "The Revolution is here" appears on the titan tron with a big black font. The letters enlightens the arena for a while, as they suddenly begin to fade out in the screen. A deep voice is suddenly heard all over the arena, as the Sound of Barrage gets cut out by the voice over.

Voice: He is born and raised in Rio De Janeiro...

Voice: He has been trained by some of the greatest Capoeira masters in Brazil, so he could one day master the art of Capoeira and be the greatest of the great.

Voice: and as a young teen, he succeed in his first step on his quest to become the greatest of the great...

Voice: In a age of 14 his father which was a great Capoeria fighter died, and he honored his father by winning his first Tournament, and as he grew older he began to compete in special tournaments in every aspect of the world to prove that he is the greatest of the great.

Voice: And The Brazilian Warrior has now arrived in Double Brand Wrestling Federation...

Voice: And he is here to honor his fathers death and to prove to the world that he has mastered the art of Capoeria!

Voice: So be aware... The Revolution is here... The Brazilian Warrior has arrived!

As the voice over fades out, the lights in the arena returns to the confused crowd which are still thinking about who The Brazilian Warrior is, as Danza Kudro by Lucenzo feat Don Omar hits the PA system and blast through the arena.

As the Danza Kudro is heard all over the arena, the titan tron rolls a clip with different words appearing every 3 second "Honor....Greatness...Vicious...Warrior... Capoeira" and the clip ends with the same word which appeared before the voice over: "The Revolution is here".

As the clip is running, an unknown wrestler appears beneath the titan tron. the crowd are looking
confused and stunned at the unknown wrestler, but the unknown wrestler takes his hand up in the air in a pose as if he is waiting for his peasants to bow down beneath his feet, while fireworks are exploding from the titan tron.

Then after standing in the same pose for 7 seconds, he takes his focus away from the crowd, and looks towards the ring, and begins to walk towards it. Whispers are heard everywhere from the crowd, and some are whispering "is he the Brazilian Warrior".

The Unknown wrestler slides in to the ring, wearing some white shorts which has the word " Vicious" written on them, and a casual stylish haircut. When he walks in the to ring, he takes deep breath, thinking "I'm finally here" before walking up to a turnbuckle and preforming the same pose he preformed on the titan tron.

He then jumps down from the turnbuckle and walks up to another turnbuckle, to preform the same act, before going up to ringside. After the second pose, he walks up to ringside and grabs a microphone. He then walks in to the middle of the ring with a big smile on his face, before lifting the microphone up to his lips and begin to speak.

???: Hola DBWF Univers

???: Many of you might not know me, but I am Kizashi "The Brazilian Warrior".

The whole arena is stunned as they hear that Kizashi is The Brazilian Warrior.

Kizashi: I must say, this is like a dream coming true... standing in this blue white ring reminds me of the day i was fighting my first ever tournament match... but sadly, my father wasn't there to see me win.

Kizashi: My father wasn't there to watch me lock him in that deadly Kiz Lock to make him tap out...

Pauses for a second, as he thinks back about his dead father, before he looks up and continues to talk.

Kizashi: But I am not here to talk about my past, I'm here to talk about the future... As many of you might know, I was hand picked by Jack Daniels himself, he walked up to me in my recent tournament in Japan, and told me that he was starting up a new revolutionary federation called Double Brand Wrestling Federation...

Kizashi: When he told me about all his ideas for the federation, it was impossible for me to reject the offer.

Kizashi: So here I am today...

I am not here for money and I am not here for the titles... I am for the honor, I am here to prove that I am the greatest of the great and I am here for the people.

The Crowd begins to cheer and chant Kizashi's name all over the arena

Kizashi: I got a unique style of fighting... and that style is Capoeira. I have mastered the art when I was a young teen, and competed in tournaments everywhere in the world...

Kizashi: I have beat the best the world had to offer, so if you want to fight against Kizashi, you'll need to bring 110% everytime, or the Venomous Kiz Lock will make you tap out.

The Crowd begins to get silent, as they hear the seriousness in Kizashi's voice

Kizashi: I'll fight for the people as long as they are behind me, I will never bow down to anyone! Nothing will be able to stop my path to destruction, not even the shadows of darkness will be strong enough to conquer my immortal soul...

Kizashi: I was taught by men who knew what it takes to get to the top. And from this day forward, I will follow in there footsteps, I will honor my dad and do everything he taught me... And Onee day, you'll all see me holding up that DBWF World Title with you the people chanting my name

Kizashi lowers his microphone takes a look around in the arena with a smile on his face, as he can see all men and women standing up on their feet, cheering for him. After a few seconds he then lifts up the microphone to his lips and begins to speak again

Kizashi: So everyone be aware, I will bring the revolution in Double Brand Wrestling Federation...

Kizashi: This is...

The era of Kizashi!

Kizashi takes a final look at the crowd which are chanting "The Brazilian Warrior" and cheering for his name, as Danza Kudro hits the PA system before he drops the microphone, and walks down the ramp towards the backstage area. On the way back towards the backstage area, Kizashi walks up to some small children and high fives them, before the screen fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: The Era of Kizashi   Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:35 am

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The Era of Kizashi
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